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The Observer $675 celine black tall leather boots w view on Jamie Oliver’s sugar campaign

A decade on from his school dinners campaign, Jamie Oliver is back fighting a new war, this time against unhealthy levels of sugar in the nation’s diet. Once again, Oliver’s battles against vested interests and public ennui makes for an entertaining narrative. As Oliver acknowledges, if school dinners was 0 celine 173823ska 18cc $1290 celine slip on python sneakers moccasins loafers snake skin size 39 carolina Star Wars, then Sugar Rush, his documentary to be broadcast this week, is $2400 celine runway black sequin pants size 38 The Empire Strikes Back.

Oliver is genuinely alarmed by the impact that sugar is having on the young – and with $3600 new authentic celine mini luggage taupe drummed leather tote bag handbag good reason. That there is an epidemic of bad teeth and type-2 diabetes linked website, costing the NHS billions a year, is not disputed. That it is on the rise is equally accepted. What is up for discussion, however, is the best way of combating these problems.

Oliver’s favoured weapon is a 20% levy on sugar-sweetened drinks, something that in places as diverse as Mexico, Finland and Hungary 0 celine 173823ska 18cc to grams is credited with encouraging consumers to switch to healthier beverages. Not everyone agrees. The Food and Drink Federation counters that, after an initial fall when a similar measure was introduced in France, consumption of soft drinks rose.

There will be plenty such counter-arguments thrown at Oliver as the soft drinks industry $1600 new celine brown distressed leather satchel boston tote bag handbag purse seeks to destroy his arguments. Nevertheless, many experts, including $1490 celine classic riding boot tall flat equestrian bootie 38 black shoes 8 the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, now believe $720 $675 celine black tall leather boots w new celine us 8 eu 38 black patent leather thong ankle strap sandals shoes a tax is one of many measures that should be considered if the UK is to lose its sweet tooth.

Historically, the sugar industry has proved adept at portraying any attack on it as an attack on consumer freedom, a strategy employed by big tobacco. But for too long the industry has successfully obfuscated the debate around what constitutes healthy levels of sugar in a diet.

It seems astonishing, bordering on the archaic, that the UK has maximum sugar guidelines for adults but no specific equivalent for children. Oliver’s latest crusade encourages us to ask important questions. May the force be with him.

The Tribe won four of the five relays for the second straight

Consider this to be a great opportunity for Niagara, Caslin said at last week regional council meeting. Are competing against other communities in Ontario and we want to see all of Niagara pulling in the same direction and putting forward the same message. Funding is falling into place.

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Autumn in Toronto is a truly stunning season

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Met alle de plastische chirurgie beschikbare opties vandaag

cornwall aero modellers offer a helping hand to beyond 21

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It includes a surprise piece of jewelry themed to Valentine’s

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