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What a Network Engineer Needs to Do to Keep Up with Technological Advancement

2-2Software-defined Network (SDN) has rendered many network engineers worried in its wake. How so? Well, basically speaking, an SDN being implemented on, say, certain company will eventually automatize the networking environment of said company. This, in turn, will up the role of a network engineer to a whole another level of complexity. The basic tasks a network engineer needs to do cover from computer networks-planning, picking the right components that work with said planning, and setting up said networks. A network engineer then also needs to maintain the network he or she has established in order for it to stay reliable all the time. Those responsibilities are always there despite the fact that technology advances in a rapid pace.

That is, until SDN surfaces. SDN is designed to help a computer network be more flexible. In an SDN environment, instead of implementing switches to specifically route traffic, a central console is used. This poses challenges for a network engineer in that one needs to be able to alter one’s approach to the system. One should also up one’s skill in coding. While many parties often go for networking equipment that comes with its specific interfaces as well as supports in technical front, a network engineer still needs to learn how to deal with administering, managing, and monitoring networks that use SDN system. So, how exactly one can keep up with whatever advancements SDN brings forward?

Someone who’s new to the world of network engineering is more likely to gain advantage here as there’s a big chance that he or she is already familiar with recent technological improvements. Seasoned engineers may need to take up some lessons first before being able to tackle the issue. Certification is also a must as it will signify one’s range of skill. Online courses like on offered by provide certification one might need to level one’s network engineering skill.

Growing Importance of Data Encryption in Public Cloud

1As more and more enterprises embrace the cloud, the demand for data encryption has increased significantly. Many cloud-based service providers and cloud storage providers are now offering some options. Microsoft’s cloud-services available from Cloud Desktop Hosting typically come with trusted and industry-standard SSL/TLS tunnels for protecting data during transmission between client devices and the cloud environment.

As a security-conscious organization, you must ensure that your data is encrypted before it is moved into the cloud. Unfortunately, most cloud service and data storage providers don’t even provide granular data encryption options. They leave the burden of encryption to the enterprise. However, Microsoft’s cloud-based services are an exception.

Allow Anywhere, Any-Device Access Without Any Worries

Cloud based hosted desktop provides your staff access to your applications and data from a wide range of devices. Your organization, staff and clients can have device preferences. Windows Desktop Hosting from Microsoft can help you have all your data encrypted for transmission to and from the cloud. You can never have control over the devices your staff and clients will be using to access the data. Data encryption in the cloud can help you address the security concern. You can also not curb them from accessing your hosted desktop as it can adversely affect your business’ productivity.

Data Encryption Benefits of SharePoint 2016

The latest edition of SharePoint provides reliable data encryption in the cloud. It uses default TLS 1.2 connection encryption when there is client application support. It will require setting up SSL binding within Internet Information Services Manager to host web applications. A SharePoint 2016 Comparison with SP 2013 also shows that the new version supports TLS 1.2 encryption for connecting with other systems and crawling sites.

More Secure Access from Any Device

SharePoint Server 23016 not only offers a more consistent experience across different types of devices, it also uses the latest industry standards and technologies to help ensure that the data encryption ensures security. Your staff and clients may access files and applications from almost any devices:

  • Desktop
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Slates

There are improved sharing features that further help enhance the overall user experience. There are new enhancements in SharePoint 2016 to help create and share folders. Users will also get sharing hints to make the experience simpler. Another additional security addition is that users can now see the other users the folder is shared with. Data encryption also helps protect your data with the new feature that allows site members to share data. Now that you can approve or deny access through invitation mail, data encryption in this cloud-based service becomes even more important. And Microsoft has answered this need aptly.

Office 365 allows your staff and customers to work on familiar Office applications from any device. Your staff may be working on their Mac or PC or a Windows system. They may even be using an Android smartphone or tablet or an iPad. When you subscribe to Office 365 Business, your applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Excel, Publisher and OneNote are automatically updated. You can also get up to 1TB of storage space on OneDrive. Allow your staff and clients to access or edit files from any device or anywhere as long as they have internet connectivity. Data encryption will help ensure that your data remains protected at all times.

Where to Buy Office 365 Business From?

You must always purchase Office 365 Business from a Tier-1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) like Apps4Rent. This Tier-1 Microsoft Office 365 Partner has been offering cloud-based solutions for over 10 years. When you purchase from such a Microsoft CSP, you will get assistance during migration and 24x7x365 end-support via phone, email and live chat. You will pay the same when you purchase from Microsoft but you will get only limited phone support.

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